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  • Where Does Journalism End and Activism Begin? // “Traditionally, the division between journalism and activism has been motivated in part by a fear of being perceived as biased. Unspoken in that concern is who will perceive that bias.” I’ve struggled with this line since I was a journalism student and have since shifted throughout my career from traditional reporting to op-ed writing and strategic communications. I’m curious to hear what you think about objectivity and what that means today, especially when the media is debating what the definition of racism is. How do we speak truth to power and is that something journalists can/should do?

  • Migratory Notes // If you want to expand your news diet on immigration issues, this is a great pop-up newsletter that collects the latest articles, books, resources, events and jobs on immigration. It’s run by two immigration journalists, Daniela Gerson and Elizabeth Aguilera.

  • Sinead Harnett // Most of my favorite singers recently fall under the chill, alt R&B from London. If you like Jorja Smith, JONES or Mahalia, you’ll probably like Sinead too. I’ve had “If You Let Me” and “Unconditional” on repeat. Add them to your Friday playlist.

  • Queer Eye // The new season is out on Netflix. I’ve already watched four episodes and plan to cry and laugh through the rest of the episodes this weekend. I truly wish I had the Fab Five in my life right now.

  • The Pattern // Okay don’t come me for this, but this app is scarily accurate in its readings of my personality, challenges, weaknesses and circumstances. It’s definitely one of those fun pseudoscience/horoscope/watered down therapy things that casts a wide enough net to fit a lot of people, but I am not ignoring its daily insights, so… Let me know if you already use it or have at one point.

    That’s it for me. I’ll be sharing my takeaways on the Black Muslim Psychology Conference next week once I get myself together. The TL;DR version is it was amazing, empowering, informative and I can’t wait for next year’s especially because of the theme they already announced.

    In the meantime, keep sending me your links, recommendations and thoughts. Have a good weekend!

    — Nesima