pandemic fine

on my mind

hello, it’s been awhile.

part of me lost track of time and the schedule of this newsletter, and the other part of me just had no motivation to write anything at all.

i came across this concept of pandemic fine, which i feel like very aptly defines how i’ve been feeling lately. i’m not sure what to do about it exactly and am curious if you feel or have felt like this—where you know you are doing much better than other people given the circumstances, yet you still feel a low humming of anxiety/fatigue and can’t shake that off?

in any case, i’m trying to be mindful of this feeling and listen to what my body needs (if i can figure it out.) it’s been almost a year of us being in this quarantine life, so how is it possible we’re still like this? let’s just be hopeful for a better summer.

one bright spot this month was getting a copy of a poetry anthology “in isolation” i am included in. if you’re interested, you can buy a copy here.

another one was leading a live poetry writing room on clubhouse, where i shared some writing prompts and connected with amazing writers from all over the world. you can join the next one on tuesday, march 2 and every other tuesday at 8 pm ET.

what are your bright spots to get you through being pandemic fine?

what i’m noting

  • Read // Hunger: A memoir of (My Body) by Roxane Gay — I listened to this as an audiobook and had to pause so many times because of Roxane’s powerful and visceral narration of surviving rape, her relationship with her body, love, shame and denial.

  • Read // Against Loving Your Job — “While we have to do our jobs for a living, we should always be making demands to reclaim our time.”

  • Watch // Firefly Lane — For an emotional, This is Us-like friendship story that spans decades between two girls as they grow up, get their first jobs and have their own families. I appreciate seeing long-term friendships dissected and explored as a central plotline, on the same level or even higher than romantic relationships

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— Nesima

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