My life as a montage

On my mind

This week in relatable tweets:

What song(s) would play during your goals montage? Mine would be either Natasha Bedingfield’s “Unwritten” (you know it’s perfect) or Lizzo’s “Good as Hell.”

Send me yours and I’ll share (anonymously) in the next newsletter.

What I’m noting

  • The quiet brilliance of Kenan Thompson // A profile of one of my favorite SNL actors who made a solid transition as a funny child star to a full-fledged comedian.

  • Journalism is an action // “Journalism is not an identity. Journalism is an action. It is something you do. If you go out and gather true facts and write them in a true and readable way, you have done journalism. (Note the use of word “true.” The fact that anyone can do journalism doesn’t mean that everyone does journalism.)” I appreciate this definition of journalism which simplifies what the craft is and how anyone can participate as long as they follow the rule of truth-telling.

  • Threats, leg cramps, no breaks: what Popeyes workers put up with during the Sandwich craze // Did you run to try a Popeyes chicken sandwich in the last week to see what the hype was all about? Well read this to learn about the dark side of all that fast food frenzy and its impact on the workers.

  • The ‘close friends’ list is the future of Instagram // I never created a “finsta,” so I like the ‘close friends’ list for when I want attention but not too much attention and can explore sharing stuff I wouldn’t want everyone to see.

  • 2019 National Book Festival // For my DC peeps, check out this free festival on Saturday, August 31 full of author talks, panel discussions, and family-friendly programs.

  • Netflix’s Las Chicas Del Cable // I started this Spanish Netflix original show (it’s also known as Cable Girls) this week and I’m hooked. It takes place in Madrid in the 1920s when Spain’s first national telephone company is founded and a group of women get jobs there at time when women are fighting for equality. It’s full of juicy drama, amazing fashion and is a fun way to brush up on your Spanish. Watch with English captions if you must, because the English dubbing is terrible.

That’s it for me. I’m so ready for the long weekend. Have a good one!

— Nesima