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hello! it’s been awhile. i took an unplanned vacation from this newsletter and then found myself feeling anxious that i hadn’t sent anything out and was waiting for the right moment, event, or topic to pop back into your inbox again. but alas, my brain is summering, OOO and slow to respond so i allowed myself to just live and be in the moment, which i hope you are doing too.

ALSO: i started fostering this adorable cat who i’ve named Layla (her shelter name was Gayla, which did not resonate with me or fit her at all)!

it’s been my dream to have a cat since i was a kid and i’m hoping to adopt her, even though it’s only been a week and i’m afraid i’m rushing into this decision. as a sagittarius and overthinker, i do not like rushing into anything—relationships, jobs, plans etc. etc. but Layla has brought so much joy into my life already and she has warmed up to me so quickly, that i think it’s a good sign that i should just go for it? we’re a year and a half into the pandemic, so i’d like to say this is not a pandemic impulse buy but rather the beginning of a legit friendship.

so this means i’m ready to officially be a cat lady and welcome all your cat product recommendations, wisdom, and memes!

tell me, what’s something you’re looking forward to or already enjoying this hot vaxx summer?

what i’m noting

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