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This weekend is Eid, the holiday that marks the end of Ramadan, so Eid Mubarak to everyone celebrating! I’m still unsure of what I’m going to be doing. Normally, Eid is a festive day spent with family and friends. We go out to our community prayer, take a million pictures in our new outfits, eat to our heart’s content, take a solid Eid nap, and play games and hang out until the evening.

All I’ve told my parents is that I really really need us to get out of the house and be in nature at some point. We’re still going to dress up because I cannot be in pajamas for this many weeks straight. I’ll figure out how to pose us for some cute family photos. We’ll call my brother and other relatives we can’t see in person.

Eid Tips: Have fun setting up for Eid this year. Make the most of every moment. Who knows if we ever have another Eid where we’re all stuck at home. I know we all want out so badly but there is baraka in every moment you spend with your family. Take advantage of it 💕 Peep how we used our table covers as gift wrap! ⁣

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May 20, 2020

Let’s pretend our house looks like this. I thought I ordered Eid decorations and they were just taking forever, but I in fact did not buy them, just the Ramadan ones. Fail.

On the bright side, quarantine Eid means we don’t have to wake up super early, argue about who’s running behind and then fight traffic and look for parking in downtown Phoenix. (But I will kind of miss that?)

I am grateful to have made it through this strange month of solitude with my health and safety and so much additional time to rest and reflect while there’s so much sadness in the world.

And speaking of sadness, yesterday, we found out that 68 people are being laid off at The Atlantic. Layoffs are not unusual in the media industry and many companies and organizations have made the same decision, because of the pandemic. It’s particularly heartbreaking knowing how hard my colleagues have worked over the last year despite the fact we are in a pandemic and they have consistently churned out important, valuable journalism that led to an increase of 90,000 subscriptions since March…

My job is safe for now, but it’s hard to not to think about how it could have easily been me. If your job is hiring, please let me know so I can share with my talented colleagues who will be looking for their next opportunity. And if you’re someone who has lost your job due to the pandemic, I’m happy to pass your resume on, make a connection, send you some job listings and groups to join, and offer some moral support.

What I’m noting

That’s all for me. Let me know what’s getting you through the pandemic from books to music to recipes to workouts, so I can feature them in an upcoming newsletter. You can always hit reply to this email if you want to share or just say hi.

Have a good weekend!

— Nesima

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